Coursera The Data Scientist’s Toolbox Exam Answers

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The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

Week - 1

Which of these is NOT one of the main skills embodied by data scientists?

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Hacking skills
  • Substantive expertise

2. What is the most important thing in Data Science?

  • The question you are trying to answer
  • Statistical inference
  • Working with large data sets

3. Which of these might be a good title for a forum post?

  • URGENT! R isn’t working!
  • Removing rows with NAs in data.frame using subset(), R 3.4.3
  • How do I get rnorm() to work?

4. What’s the first step in the data science process?

  • Communicate your findings
  • Exploring the data
  • Generating the question

5. Which of these is an example of a quantitative variable?

  • Latitude
  • Occupation
  • Educational level

Week - 2

1. What does base R focus on?

  • Mapping
  • Statistical analysis
  • Artificial intelligence

2. What is RStudio?

  • A graphical user interface for R
  • Version control software
  • A programming language

3. What is the name of the quadrant in the bottom left corner of RStudio, in the default layout?

  • History
  • Plots
  • Console

4. What command lists your R version, operating system, and loaded packages?

  • versions()
  • Sessioninfo()
  • sessionInfo()

5. What file extension do Projects in R use?

  • .Rproj
  • .R

Week - 3

1. What is a good example of a message to accompany a commit?

  • Modified linear model of height to include new covariate, genotype
  • Fixed problem with linear model
  • Updated thing

2. On each repository page in GitHub, in the top right hand corner there are three options. They are:

  • Watch, star, fork
  • Pull, clone, fork
  • Commit, contributors, issues

3. Which of the following will initiate a git repository locally?

  • git init
  • git remote add
  • git boom

4. What is the order of commands to send a file to GitHub from within RStudio?

  • Commit > Push
  • Stage > Commit message > Commit > Push
  • Pull > Push > Commit

5. How do you add all of the contents of a directory to version control?

  • git add .
  • cd ~/dir/name/of/path/to/file
  • git commit -m “Message”

Week - 4

1. What is the format for including a link that appears as blue text in your markdown document?

  • [text that is shown](
  • ([text that is shown]
  • (text that is shown)[]

2. Which of the following describes a predictive analysis?

  • Using data collected in the past to predict values in the future
  • Finding if one variable is related to another one
  • Showing the effect on a variable of changing the values of another variable

3. We collect data on all the songs in the Spotify catalogue and want to summarize how many are country western, hip-hop, classic rock, or other.

What type of analysis is this?

  • Exploratory
  • Descriptive
  • Predictive

4. What might a confounder be in an experiment looking at the relationship between the prevalence of white hair in a population and wrinkles?

  • Age
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Sex

5. Which one of the following is an example of structured data?

  • The text from a series of books
  • Lung x-ray images
  • A table of names and student grades

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